The Federal Election Committee could have prevented the Facebook/Russian troll campaign. But it didn’t want to.

Former FEC vice chair Ann Ravel warned us long ago about Putin’s potential for intruding in U.S. elections.

And for doing so, she was met with w/ “harassment and death threats.”

There’s a fostered practice of creating and maintaining discontent at the FEC.

Karl Rove seems to be playing a role in funding the chaos.

As the commission currently stands, there’s a vacant spot and Trump’s intentions for filling it are clear.

His current nominee, Trey Trainor, is in a virtual love fest with dark money.

Trainor’s a Texas Republican who’s built his reputation on undermining campaign finance regulation.

He whole-heartedly supports the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision.

His addition to the commission will further its impotence.

As Ravel points out “Nothing prohibits Facebook from vetting its advertisers and requiring transparency from those seeking to post political ads on its platform.” It simply doesn’t want to.

And the FEC isn’t going to force it to do so.

Contact the FEC and let the commission know what you think: 1–800–424–9530,, @FEC

Citizen Journalist

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