“Coincidental” connections between Zuckerberg, Thiel, Trump, Russia and Goldman Sachs

In 2008, Facebook sues Germany’s StudiVZ due to its “…blatant, unabashed and wholesale theft of Facebook’s user interface and Web page designs.”

But gives a free pass to VK.com , the Russian Facebook clone owned by Russian Internet giant, Digital Sky Technologies (DST)

May 2009, DST invests $200 million in Facebook.

June 2009, DST buys back up to $100 million of Facebook employee shares.

DST is co-owned by Alisher Usmanov, a Russian billionaire with a net worth of roughly $7.2 billion.

Usmanov has longstanding relations with members of Russia’s intelligence community.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev also plays a role in this. He’s accused by Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny of receiving bribes from Usmanov. In an investigation published by Navalny, he claims Usmanov allegedly “donated a property in the wealthy Rublyovka village outside Moscow worth $85M to a nonprofit fund for state social projects reportedly led by 2 former univ. classmates of Medvedev.”

Navalny accuses “Medvedev of using an array of charity and nonprofit organizations to collect donations from oligarchs and state banks and then redirecting the funds to purchase pricey assets.”

Goldman and DST are also fairly tight.

Jan. 2011, Goldman invests $450 million and DST invests $50 million, putting Facebook’s valuation at $50 billion.

Goldman sold $1.09 billion of stock it owned for itself and on behalf of its clients in the 2012 Facebook IPO.

Zuckerberg visited Medvedev in Russia in 2012.

Oct. 2016, Thiel, a Facebook board member, announces a $1.25 million donation to Trump’s presidential campaign.

Zuckerberg defends Thiel’s donation and support for Trump.

Diabolically speaking, Thiel is off the chain.

Consider Palantir and the data mining software it sells to law enforcement and military clients.

Thiel and Zuckerberg go way back. Thiel invested $500K in Facebook in 2004. When Facebook went public, Thiel made $1B off his investment.

Zuckerberg announces in Jan. 2017 he’ll be going on a 50-state listening tour. Many interpret the move as his leap into the 2020 presidential race.

Zuckerberg also creates a new class of non-shares that will allow him to invest and donate his holdings in Facebook without losing control of his company. The filing states he would retain control of the company even if he were “serving in a government position or office.”


All the while, his group FWD.us donates $5,000 to Trump’s transition team.

And he admits he’s talked to Trump multiple times since the election.

Fast fwd 4 months, and Facebook is forced to admit it’s accepted at least $100,000 in political ads from fake Russian Facebook accounts.

Twitter founder Ev Williams admits Twitter spreads political misinformation.

And there’s this.

Interesting that Jared’s brother Josh is personally invested in Reddit.

And Peter Thiel just keeps popping up.

“Reddit can also be a tool for foreign governments to test out what might or might not resonate with larger audiences.”

Reddit empowers the Alt-Right.

Really? The_Donald?

Cash money.

Remember the Reddit Revolt?

And the banning begins.

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